Circling Fundamentals - The Art of Authentic Relating and Being

Maya Hill and Dean Gonzalez

Authentic World Facilitators


Saturday, September 30, 2017

8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Two Arrows Zen

230 South, 500 West, SLC

$49 TAZ Members (advance registration)

$59 Non-members


Learn the principles of Circling with certified Authentic World Facilitators, Maya Hill and Dean Gonzalez.

This workshop is for anyone sincerely interested in developing their authenticity and deepening their relational skills. This practice is for you to learn key elements of expanded relating and new ways of perceiving self and others.
In this half-day workshop you will:
  • develop your authenticity and relating skills.
  • learn to drop your socialized behaviors.
  • be part of a courageous practice group.

Circling Fundamentals - Workshop Schedule

8:30 - 9:00 am Coffee, tea

9:00 am - 1:00 pm, with short breaks and light snacks

$49 TAZ Members (advance registration)

$59 Non-members, and all same-day registrations

What am I going to experience in Circling Fundamentals?

Circling is like building new muscle - a practice for you to lay down new grooves of understanding, experience, and expression as a relational being. 

  • Discover new, creative capacity to connect.
  • Feel exquisitely nourished by your community.
  • Feel deeply known by a small community of loving peers.
  • Embody the presence that creates the magic of connection.
  • Discover the ways that shame or limiting beliefs are holding you back - and learn to transcend them.
  • Learn more awareness of yourself and others.
  • Ask for what would have you feel most connected, relaxed, or nourished - and receive it!
  • Develop the courage to be and express yourself fully while strengthening your relationships.
  • Have others feel ease and comfort around you as you learn to accept them for who they are, without expecting them to be different.
  • Understand the ways that you unconsciously push away love and connection.
  • Receive feedback about how you show up in the world.
  • Learn to bring more vulnerability to your relationships, while not sacrificing who you are or collapsing.

Here's what our Authentic World FacilitatorsMaya and Dean, would like you to know about Circling.
"The practice of Circling asks of us to be authentic and share from your body centered experiencing. The practice allows you to see your ‘blind spots’, the ways you unknowingly push away love and connection. It also gives you the tools to build deep connections with others very quickly, as you discover that connection is a consequence of your quality of attention and relational skills. It allows you practice with being vulnerable, whether it be gently expressing a hurt, or powerfully asking for what you want, while fully honoring and being in relationship with the other person. 
Finally, Circling is a relational mindfulness practice for evolving consciousness. This differs from traditional meditation because we’re putting attention on what’s arising within another and between us, rather than focusing on our breath. Seeing the world through another's eyes expands our consciousness, and has us transcend our limited ego. It is an evolved way of relating, one that draws us to explore and understand the universe that is the person sitting next to us, and through this way of relating, we can co-explore these incredible inner worlds we’ve been blessed with, discovering who we truly are, together.
We offer this training with the conviction that Circling is a post-post modern relational capacity that is necessary for humans to take the next evolutionary leap."