Zen Study & Practice with Diane Musho Hamilton - How To Raise An Ox

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei


Zen Study & Practice Series, Winter 2018 Telecourse

January 13 - April 7, 2018 (12 Classes + Virtual Temple)

9:00 - 10:15 am MT Via Zoom Conferencing


Dōgen, the thirteenth-century Zen master who founded the Japanese Sōtō school of Zen, is renowned as one the world's most remarkable religious geniuses. And many regard the writings of Zen master Dogen are among the highest achievements not only of Japanese literature but of world literature. Dogen's writings are a near-perfect expression of truth, beautifully expressing the best of which the human race is capable.


Join Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei for a 12-week telecourse of study and inquiry into Dōgen's writing from his seminal work, the Shōbōgenzō, and reflection on Francis Cook's well-regarded essays on Zen practice. 

Class registration includes 12 classes with Musho Sensei and a Virtual Temple half-day meditation retreat. Live participation is encouraged to engage fully and wholeheartedly in the course. If you cannot make a session or want to review previous classes, mp3 recordings will be distributed each week.


The required text for this class is How To Raise An Ox: Zen Practice as Taught in Zen Master Dogen's Shobogenzo (Wisdom Publications, 1999).


In How To Raise An Ox, Francis Cook presents ten selections from Dogen's masterwork, the Shobogenzo, as well as six of his own essays brilliantly illuminating the mind of this peerless master.


Find it at Wisdom Publications, Indiebound, or on Amazon.



What Tricycle Magazine had to say about How To Raise An Ox:
"The author's purpose is to clarify what Dogen's 'Zen of practice' actually means. We can measure his success not only by the vividness of his introduction to Dogen's thought but also by the surprise we find in discovering the breadth and diversity of 'practice' as Dogen meant it." (Tricycle)



Two Arrows Zen Members $210

Non-members $270


12 Class Meetings

Saturdays, January 13 - April 7

(Virtual Temple Day of February 17)


To participate in the full year of Zen Study & Practice 


40 weeks of instruction and practice with transmitted Zen Teachers

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei

Taigen Leighton

and Tenkei Coppens Roshi.


TAZ Member: $600 in one annual payment, or 12 installments of $50.00.

Non-member: $800 in one annual payment, or 12 installments of $66.67.



How To Raise An Ox: Zen Practice as Taught in Zen Master Dogen's Shogogenzo (Wisdom Publications, 1999)

01/13/18 Session 1: Overview and Orientation to Practice

01/20/18 Session 2: Foreward by Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Preface, and Introduction
01/27/18 Session 3: Fukan Zazengi: General Recommendations for Doing Zazen pp 65-68
02/03/18 Session 4: The Importance of Faith pp 17-26 
02/10/18 Session 5: Keisei Sanshoku: The Sounds of the Valley Streams, The Forms of the Mountains pp 69-80
02/17/18 Virtual Temple Day - Sitting Practice
02/24/18 Session 6: Arousing the Thought of Enlightenment pp 27-38
03/03/18 Session 7: Hotsu Mujo Shin: Arousing the Supreme Thought pp 81-90
03/10/18 Session 8: Karma pp 39-46
03/17/18 Session 9: Shinjin Inga: Deep Faith in Cause and Effect pp 117-124
03/24/18 Session 10: Giving Life to Our Lives pp 53-56
03/31/18 Session 11: Kajo: Everyday Life pp 153-158
04/07/18 Session 12: Course Summary