New Year Women's Retreat in Torrey, Utah

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei

December 28, 2017 - January 1, 2018

Boulder Mountain Zendo in Torrey

Torrey, Utah

Welcome to Two Arrows Zen New Year 

Women's Retreat


Two Arrows Zen first women's retreat in our new Zendo in Torrey, Utah will be led by Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei. This retreat is offered as an opportunity for women to practice together to experience the strong forms, rich ritual, and deep silence that have been refined through centuries of Zen practice. All female-identified practitioners of any sexual orientation are welcome. 


The program will be a traditional silent Zen Sesshin, with full days that include extended periods of zazen, walking meditation, shared work practice (samu), meals together, interview with the Teacher (Dokusan), and Dharma Talks. 


The New Year's Retreat begins on Thursday, December 28 and ends Monday, January 1.  The retreat will open with a session devoted to review of the year past and close with intention setting for the New Year. Three full days of sitting meditation and silence (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) will support your inquiry and provide a container for reflection, renewal, and recommitment. This intimate gathering is limited to 24 participants, including the Sensei and staff. 


Zen practice at Two Arrows Zen is a welcoming community. To participate in this retreat we recommend that you have attended a similar multi-day meditation retreat with extended periods of meditative practice, a Day of Mindfulness, or a Day of Zen at Artspace Zendo in Salt Lake City. Newcomers are welcome.



Registration includes meals. Lodging is booked separately.



$495 Two Arrows Zen Members

$555 General Admission



Two Arrows Zen members may request work-trade for partial tuition remission by offering service to the community in exchange for extra work assignments. Work-trade includes work shifts during the retreat and arrival by noon on Thursday, December 28 to assist with preparations, and late departure on Monday, January 1 to help with closing the facilities. 


Email Julia Kanro Sati (admin(at) to request a work-trade agreement.

Making Travel Plans



Torrey is 215 miles from Salt Lake City which is the nearest airport. Plan for 4 hours of travel time from SLC to Torrey. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation. We will put registrants in touch with each other to facilitate ride shares.


The retreat officially opens with dinner on Thursday at 6:00 pm. All monks, work-trade registrants, staff, and those in service positions (ino, doan, mukugyo, jishas) are asked to arrive by noon for lunch followed by a work and service practice period. 


CLICK HERE for the retreat schedule on opening day and through the week.



Please plan your travel to depart after 12:00 pm on Sunday.




Two Arrows Zen Sangha House.

Two Arrows Zen maintains a beautiful Sangha House in Torrey, a short drive from the Zendo. Shared dormitory-style lodging is $30/night. There is one room with queen bed and full bedding for $50/night. Located in the Sleeping Rainbow area just north of Torrey, you will enjoy an exquisite view of the red rock cliffs and a comfortable, spacious living space, including a fully equipped kitchen and two full baths with tubs. Sheets, towels, and Internet service are included. The Sangha House is located about 3 miles from the Zendo and is a lovely bike ride, a 30-minute walk, or a 5-minute drive. A maximum of 10 spaces are available.


You can reserve and pay for your space in the Sangha House when you register for the retreat.


Other local hotels and cabins are open for reservations in the off-season. Check Trip Advisor or similar travel sites for information and recommendations. AirBnB and VRBO are also good sources for winter lodging in Torrey and nearby locations in Wayne County.

Please note: Sand Creek RV & Camp (Leslie & Harry Eubanks) will not be open during this retreat.


You will enjoy three healthy and nutritious meals a day during the retreat. Meals are largely vegetarian, with some other protein options at lunch. 


About Oryoki

The practice of Oryoki during sesshin is an opportunity to deepen our practice. By paying careful attention to the way in which we take our meals, the true relationship between ourselves and our food is made clear. Emphasizing each simple activity, we continually learn our way. (Click here for more information about Oryoki.)

During the New Year Retreat, breakfast and dinner are Oryoki meals served in the zendo. Oryoki is a part of our practice together, and all retreatants participate. Oryoki sets are available for rental during the retreat.


Special Diet Requests

Main courses are mostly vegetarian with other protein options available at lunch. Everyone is served the same meal. If you have medically necessary dietary restrictions, such as strictly gluten-free or lactose-free, we ask that you bring your own food to supplement. Gluten-free cereals will be available at breakfast as will a limited supply of other gluten-free items at other meals. A medically diagnosed allergy to seafood or nuts requires that you inform us, and maintain your own rescue medication, such as an epi-pen.


We regret we are not able to prepare special meals for individuals or provide refrigerated food storage in the kitchen. 

Two Arrows Zen Scholarship Fund


One of the commitments of our practice is that everyone with a sincere desire and the ability to practice is welcome, and no one is excluded on the basis of financial resources. We practice in order to grow in generously receiving and generously giving.

Please consider making a donation in any amount when you register to help support our scholarship practitioners attending The New Year Retreat.  All contributions will be applied directly to support all categories of participation, and to encourage diversity in our community of practice.


Retreat Schedule


Opening Day Schedule: Thursday, December 28

All monks, staff, work-trade registrants, and those in service positions arrive by noon. 


Noon       Lunch (early arrivals)

1 - 4 pm   Retreat Prep and Service Practice (early arrivals)

4 - 6 pm   Check-in (all retreatants)

6:00 pm   Dinner & Orientation

7:15 pm   Zazen 

8:30 pm   Close

Typical Daily Schedule

Subject to change 

  6:00                          Zazen

  8:00                          Service

  8:30                          Breakfast/Oryoki

  9:00                          Community Meeting 

  9:15                          Work Period / Samu

10:30                          Personal Time

11:00                          Zazen

  1:30                          Lunch 

  2:00                          Outings/Rest/Exercise*

  4:00                          Zazen/ Dharma Talk

  6:00                          Dinner/Oryoki

  7:15                          Zazen

  8:30                          Close

*Afternoon outings will be scheduled based on weather.