Tuesday Evening with Mugaku Sensei - Zen and Koan Practice, Ancient and Modern

Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Sensei

Winter Series: January 9 - April 10, 2018

Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:45 pm, 12 classes

Artspace Zendo, 230 South 500 West, SLC


Join Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Sensei for 12 weeks of Zen study, inquiry, and meditation. This study series will focus on the history and evolution of koan practice. Mugaku Sensei is a true devotee of koan study and will show the way to engage this uniquely experiential approach to spiritual practice.


In weekly class sessions you will engage:

-- The practice of zazen guided by a transmitted teacher.

-- Active text-based inquiry with Mugaku Sensei and your fellow practitioners.

-- Receiving personal guidance to support your Zen practice.

-- The experience of sangha -- a committed community of practice.


Mugaku Sensei recommends this course for beginners as an introduction to Zen study and practice, and as an inquiry which will support experienced practitioners to deepen their understanding. On-going study and practice are essential preparation for receiving Jukai or for entering into a formal relationship with a Zen Teacher. 


Tuesday Evening with Mugaku Sensei:

Zen and Koan Practice, Ancient and Modern will meet in 12 classes,

January 9 - April 10, 2018

No class meetings on February 6 and March 20


Bodhisattva Circle Level Members: Member-Benefit

Full Quiver Level Members: $90

Two Arrows Level Members: $180

Non-members: $240 

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Bring Me the Rhinoceros: And Other Zen Koans That Will Save Your Life by John Tarrant (Shambhala Publications, 2008).


The text is required reading and is available for purchase in the Two Arrows Zen store.


"Bring Me the Rhinoceros is one of the best books ever written about Zen. But it is more than that: it is a book of Zen, pointing us to reality by its own fluent and witty example. John Tarrant has the rare ability to enter the minds of the ancient Zen masters as they do their amazing pirouettes upon the void and, with a few vivid touches, to illuminate our lives with their sayings."--Stephen Mitchell, author of "Gilgamesh: A New English Version 





Two Arrows Meeting in Mid-Air: The Zen Koan by John Daido Loori (Tuttle Library of Enlightenment, 1994).

"In this masterful study, Zen teacher Loori, abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, lucidly demonstrates the power of the koan (a poetic riddle that, lacking a logical answer, disrupts the reason of the hearer so that enlightenment may follow). In an introductory section, Loori traces the history of dharma (wisdom about harmony with the cosmos) in Zen Buddhism. In the remainder of the book, he collects 21 koans from classical and modern sources and then teaches them through his extended dharma discourses. Loori's teachings sparkle with the insight of one who has been illuminated by the constant challenge of the koans." -- Publisher's Weekly






Jan. 9, Session 1: Intro to Zen and its relationship to all Buddhism. 

Jan. 16, Session 2: Uses of story as teaching vehicles in Buddhism and Zen.
Jan 23, Session 3: Development of koan collections as story vehicles, and as first-person experiential vehicles. Outside and inside teachings. Different uses in Rinzai and Soto.  White Plum situation in relation to both; development of Sanbo school.
Jan. 30, Session 4: Classifications of koans--Hakuin’s system as a revitalization of Zen in Japan.
Feb. 6, Break Week
Feb. 13, Session 5: Seeing koans from a modern perspective. 
Tarrent: Intro and Ch. 1
Feb. 20, Session 6: Ch 2 & 3
Feb. 27, Session 7: Ch. 4 & 5
Mar. 6, Session 8: Ch. 6 & 7
Mar. 13, Session 9: Ch. 8 & 9
Mar. 20, Break Week
Mar. 27, Session 10: Ch.10 & 11
Apr. 3, Session 11: Ch.12 & 13
Apr. 10, Session 12: Ch.14 & 15

No class meetings on February 6 and March 20.