Two Arrows Zen 2018 Event and Course Calendar

A month by month listing of the Two Arrows Zen events and classes planned for 2018. New events and changes will be updated in this list, and on the TAZ Calendar tab. For more information, or to register for retreats, events, and classes, please see the individual listing on the Events tab.

Two Arrows Zen 2018 Calendar



January 1: New Year Women's Retreat in Torrey - final day (DMH)

January 9: Tuesdays with Mugaku Sensei, 12-week Winter class series begins. Zen and Koan Practice, Ancient and Modern (MMZ)

January 13: Day of Zen (MMZ)

January 13: Zen Study and Practice, 12-week Winter telecourse begins. How To Raise An Ox. (DMH)



February 4-11: Winter Sesshin - Men's Retreat, Torrey (MMZ)

February 17: Day of Zen (MMZ)



March 3: Arts Month Saturday Event - TBA (DMH)

March 10: Arts Month Saturday Event - TBA (DMH)

March 15-18: Sit As A Mountain In The City (MMZ)

March 17: Arts Month Saturday Event - TBA (DMH)

March 23-25: Torrey Samu Weekend - Burn the Ditch & Spring Cleanup



April 15 - 22: Spring Sesshin, Torrey (DMH & MMZ)

April 28:  Zen Study and Practice, 10-week Spring telecourse begins. The Future of Practice. (DMH)



May 12: Day of Zen (MMZ)




June 7-10: Sit As A Mountain In The City (MMZ)

June 16: Day of Zen (MMZ)

June 27- July 1: Earth & Sky - Meditation Retreat in Nature, Torrey (DMH)



July 1: Start of Summer Practice Period in Torrey (DMH)

July 1: Earth & Sky - final day, Torrey (DMH)

July 7: Zen Study and Practice, 4-week telecourse with Taigen Leighton begins. The Awesome Presence of Active Buddhas. (hosted by DMH)

July 14: Day of Zen (MMZ)

July 29: Start of Formal Summer Ango in Torrey (DMH)



August 1-26: Formal Summer Ango in Torrey (DMH)

August 8-19: Summer Sangha Practice Retreat in Torrey (DMH)



September 15: Zen Study and Practice, 10-week Fall telecourse begins. Eihei Dogen, Mystical Realist. (DMH)

September 16-23: Sit As A Mountain Sesshin, Torrey (MMZ)



October 13: Day of Zen (MMZ)

October 18-21: Sit As A Mountain In The City (MMZ)

October 25-28: Satori in Torrey Weekend Retreat (DMH)



November 10: Day of Zen (MMZ)



December 2-9: Winter Rohatsu Sesshin, Torrey (MMZ)

December 2: Zen Study and Practice, 3-week telecourse with Tenkei Coppens Roshi begins. Topic TBA.

December 27 - January 1, 2019: New Year Retreat, Torrey (DMH)