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Putting Others First video clip

     A 13 minute video clip of Diane Musho Sensei and Michael Mugaku Sensei's dharma talk on Putting Others First. This is the beginning of over an hour long talk.

Excerpt: Wisdom Stream Series, Layman Pyang

In this excerpt from the Wisdom Stream Series, Mugaku Sensei expounds on Layman Pyang's teaching on no conflict, being naturally in harmony with your activities, how in just carrying water and chopping wood, your life manifests.  Listen to the whole talk, which includes Musho Sensei leading an inquiry by which you gain an embodied understanding of No Conflict.

Seeker as Path audio clip

     This is a clip from a talk given by Musho Sensei last August during the 21 Day iZen retreat in Torrey.  Give your practicing heart a quick lift.

Excerpt: Wisdom Stream Series, Bassui

In this Wisdom Stream Series talk, Mugaku explores the teachings of Bassui, a monk in the 1300's in Japan who emphasized that Zen is a direct path. Mugaku explores the question: Can you look inside and find the one who experiences your life? 

The talk in toto can be found under Mugaku's photo on the teacher's page.  Click on audio and it'll take you right in.

Excerpt: Wisdom Stream Series, Sozan

This is an excerpt from the Wisdom Stream series Musho and Mugaku Sensei are currently giving every Sunday evening at the Boulder Mountain Zendo City Center in Salt Lake City.  This particular talk was about Sozan, the Third Chinese Patriarch and in this exerpt, Mugaku Sensei discusses the map versus the territory.