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We're Moving!
Join us at our new location,
21 G Street starting
Monday, February 26

Two Arrows Zen, Artspace:
an Urban Zendo

The Artspace Zendo is in the Artspace City Center building, 230 South 500 West, Suite 155. Is is convenient to TRAX light rail, located about 100 feet south of the "Old Greek Town" stop in downtown Salt Lake City.

During TAZ programs and scheduled meditation, you may park in signed visitor spaces (40-59) at the front of the Artspace City Center building. There is no free parking available in the adjacent Macaroni Flats.

At Artspace, the two-hour limit for parking in visitor spaces during business hours and the prohibition on parking after 5:00 pm is enforced except during scheduled TAZ programs. On-street parking is available on side streets.

Towing/booting is strictly enforced at all times for reserved resident parking at Artspace City Center, the back of the building, and for the entire Macaroni Flats lot.

Greeters will assist you if you have any questions about where and when parking is allowed. Two Arrows Zen is not responsible for any expense or inconvenience if you are towed or booted.

The Artspace Zendo offers regular meditation practice as well as programs and events.


TAZ is located in downtown Salt Lake City -- check the map if you're not familiar with our location.

Please do not send mail to this address. Our mailing address is:
Two Arrows Zen c/o ZB
341 South Main Street, 4th Floor
Salt Lake City UT 84111.