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Two Arrows Zen, Torrey

The Torrey Zendo was dedicated in September 2017 and is the home for Two Arrows Zen retreats and programs in the red-rock country of Southern Utah. This Zendo evokes the essence of traditional Japanese Zen: remote, quiet, and far removed from the distractions and noise of everyday life. In this space of contemplation and practice, you will find the austerity and silence of the surrounding land a powerful influence.

The Zendo is a dedicated space for the practice of zazen, seating up to 50 practitioners. A bathhouse, fully equipped outdoor kitchen and four-season social pavilion complete the retreat center facilities.

Our home in Torrey is high desert landscape bordered by a cattail-lined stream, sagebrush, pinion, juniper, and flowering rabbitbrush. The Zendo is in Wayne Country, Utah in a valley shadowed by Boulder Mountain which is part of the 11,000 foot Aquarius alpine plateau.


Two Arrows Zen
Torrey, Utah
57 South 300 West.

From Salt Lake City, take I-15 south through Provo, through Payson and Nephi, to the Scipio exit, about 120 miles from Salt Lake City. Take exit 188 off on the right. Turn across over I15 to the southeast. This will take you past two gas stations and to a stop sign on US 50 E, which is Scipio's main street. Turn right and drive through Scipio continuing on US 50. Go 24 miles and turn right at sign for Utah 260 South, towards the little town of Aurora. Go through Aurora (Watch the speed. They have a police car.) As you pass through Aurora, keep to the left, and you'll come to a stop sign at US 89. Turn right. About a mile and a half along US 89, after you pass under the I 70 under-pass, you will see a sign on the left for Capitol Reef National Park. Turn left onto US 24. Follow this road for about 60 miles. It will take you through Loa, then through Lyman and Bicknell, then into Torrey. (Again, watch the speed limits in Loa, Lyman, Bicknell. It changes several times along this stretch of road.)

Two Arrows Zen is just after you enter Torrey, on the right hand side, just past the Motel
Torrey. There is a cottonwood tree on the right hand side, and a sign for 300 West. The road is gravel. You turn onto 300 West to the right, passing over the culvert over an irrigation canal. Immediately on the left, you'll see logs laid perpendicular from the side of the road to create parking spaces. Park here. The Zendo is then in front of you,



1. I-15 S 116 mi
2, Take exit 188 for US-50 E toward Scipio 0.4 mi
3. Turn left onto US-50 W 0.7 mi
4. Turn right onto US-50 E/N State St
Continue to follow US-50E
24.4 mi
5. Turn right onto UT-260 S/Main St
Continue to follow UT-260 S
4.2 mi
6. Turn right onto UT-24 E 2.8 mi
7. Slight left onto UT-24 E/State St N
Continue to follow UT-24 E
44.4 mi
8. Slight left onto UT-24 E/E 300 S St
Continue to follow UT-24 E
Turn right onto 300 West. Look for the parking area directly beyond the irrigation culvert, marked by logs placed marking parking spaces.